Having all of the information for a campaign at the outset greatly reduces unnecessary revisions and communication thrash. The more information you can provide on this form, the quicker the campaign creation process will go!

To kick-off your campaign request, please fill out the following details:

Enter your contact information as well as anyone else you would like to keep looped in. Be sure to include any special instructions for email tests! e.g. "Email please, and cc so-and-so", "I’m on the road this week – please use my mobile: 123-456-7890", "email me directly, but please include [email protected] in the email tests."
How do you refer to the campaign internally. e.g. "Black Friday", "New Years Day Event", Rosé All Day"
What date do you need the final product on to complete internal review and team approval process?
Is there anything specific that you would like to run A/B tests on? e.g. Subject Lines, Launch timing, postcard vs longer format...
How many versions of this email need to be created? e.g. Retail vs. Subscriptions, local vs non-local
Visually, what do you want the customers to see? e.g. " fall colors with leaves and thanksgiving theme. Promo at the top, shipping date reminder next, and event calendar at the bottom."
If you want to use specific images in your campaign, how do you prefer to deliver image content? We will confirm with submission details when we respond to your Campaign request.
e.g. "Product Launch", "New Arrivals", or "RSVPs for our holiday event" "
Product, SKUs, or Event Details e.g. "Winemaker's Dinner, held in the wine cave, April 10 6-10PM, 5 course meal with pairings, $150 per ticket" or "2010-2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical with Ground Shipping included"
e.g. "30% Off Storewide", "Shipping Included", "Collector's Bundle for $495".
What url(s), email, or telephone links should we send people to from your Call to Action buttons and copy links?
e.g.: "Feature the top selling items from last month"
Product, SKUs, or Event Details
e.g. "30% Off Storewide", "Shipping Included", "Collector's Bundle for $495".
What url(s), email, or telephone links should we send people to for from your Call to Action buttons and copy links?
50 characters or less for Subject Lines are ideal!
Please specify what text should be included at the bottom of the email to clarify or limit offer details ONLY if our standard disclaimer needs adjustments: e.g. "This offer is valid XX through XX, and expires on XX at 11:59pm. Offer is valid online only, and cannot be combined with any additional promotions. Must type in code XXXXXXX at to redeem your discount. This offer applies to standard ground shipping only. By clicking any of the above links, you are confirming you are 21 years of age or older. For customer service, please contact us at 509.555.0000 or email us at [email protected]
What audience(s) should receive the communication? e.g. "Members and Retail" or "Purchasers of the XXX product line"
e.g. "Non-Openers of the first send"
e.g. "All non-purchasers" or "Everyone who hasn't clicked in this campaign"

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